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12000 N. Dale Mabry Hwy STE 262, Tampa, Fl 33618

Pay for CUSTOMERS, not CLICKS!!! ™

Application To Become A CTBL™ 5Star Network Lawyer


We are an International Marketing Team of 240+ talented, Marketing Representatives.

We don’t sell CLICKS. We sell CUSTOMERS! Whose customer will they become?!?!?!?! That is the question.

We offer EXCLUSIVE leads for law firms all over America, using our Facebook Marketing Team, LinkedIn Marketing Team, Email Marketing Team, and Search Engine Optimization Team.

Does your law firm need help getting new customers?

We send out an NDA to all of our clients and never let anyone know that we are your SECRET WEAPON. We respect your privacy.

We DON’T sell clicks! -We sell guaranteed lead packages and have NO MONTHLY CONTRACTS.

All leads are 100% exclusive. -Most firms purchase the largest package that they can afford because the service doesn’t expire and you get discounts with larger quantities.

You can pause your account at any time if you need a break or are on vacation.

Our Starter Package guarantees 7 High Quality, Desperate leads at only $1250 each. That’s not for a click! That is for a high-quality lead who is ready to sign with your law firm.

Our Strive Package offers 20 High Quality, Ready-to-sign leads at only $1150 each.

Our Thrive Package offers 50 High Quality, Ready-to-sign leads at only $1050 each. 

Our Dominate Package offers 100 High Quality, Ready-to-sign leads at only $1000.

For larger quantities, call or email for more information.

We DO NOT hassle you over credits for legitimately bad leads. Just record all calls and provide that evidence and we will credit you, as we will provide proof of their authentic interest.

Exclusivity: For exclusivity by city, county, or state, email

*Financing is available through and, other divisions of Consumer Financial Services, US.


Who is the primary contact for marketing?

Which package would you like to purchase?
Would you like to pay via Wire Transfer or Credit/Debit Card?

Consent to Contact: By clicking below, you give express consent for an attorney and for representatives to contact you.

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12000 N. Dale Mabry Hwy STE 262,

Tampa, Fl 33618

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