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Here's what CTBL Clients Get:

  1. Call Recordings (Sent via email and text message)

  2. Real-time Web Form Leads.

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CTBL Web Form.png

3. A real-time, Google Sheets New Customer Tracker.


4. Your own CTBL page. Example:

This page is 100% independent from any other CTBL page and from the main page, as the main page is only for advertising purposes.

All of your marketing efforts go directly to your page, only.

You will have your own CTBL phone number for call tracking and recording.

You will have your own CTBL email address to which leads will be sent. Your calls and web forms will be sent to your CTBL email address and any other email addresses that you desire for us to copy on all transmissions.

5. Daily communication from our Customer Acquisition GURU Mr. Joshua Collins ,via his personal cell phone.

6. Book an interview with Joshua Here:

7. View an example, customizable "customer view page" here:

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